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At Balfour Senior Living, we are meticulous about the little things—from the way we visualize each of our communities to the thought we put into the amenities and programs we provide. You can live life and enjoy the things that matter most to you in a place you’ll be proud to call home.

We want to help you make sure that your lifestyle will remain full and active. We offer over 200 monthly programs that allow you to pursue your interests as well as participate in new ones. Balfour is among the top award-winning retirement communities in Colorado and Michigan. We are dedicated to innovative designs, special care and commendable hospitality.

Our Locations

Our Communities

We offer independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing apartment homes. Our communities range in size and layouts to ensure that you find a home that is a perfect fit for you. We at Balfour believe our senior living communities have all the amenities, staff, services and programs that you have been looking for.

Balfour Senior Living’s communities are located in Colorado (Central Park, Downtown Denver, Littleton, Louisville, Longmont) and now Ann Arbor, Michigan. Look for new Balfour communities opening in Brookline, Massachusetts and Palisades, District of Columbia in 2022-2023.

Enjoy comfortable and elegant surroundings while you spend time with family and friends, as well as chances to make new friends. We invite you to witness the beauty in Balfour Senior Living.

Continuum of Care

Gourmet Executive and Sous Chefs
Open access to community areas
Pet friendly

Independent Living

For active, independent adults who want a beautiful, maintenance-free home with opportunities to pursue their interests — and discover exciting new ones.

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Concierge services
200+ scheduled programs throughout the month
Relax with pampering services at each location

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is designed as part of a continuum of long term care that provides a mixture of personal care and health care while still supporting maximum independence.

Explore Assisted Living
Advanced room monitor technology for safety & security.
Programs designed for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss.
Secure Departure Alert System

Alzheimer's & Memory Care

Balfour is among a new generation of communities specifically designed to incorporate recent advances in the understanding and care of residents with memory loss.

Explore Alzheimer's & Memory Care
24-hour, on-site licensed nursing staff
Physical therapy
Rehab and Relaxation

Skilled Nursing

Our philosophy focuses on an optimal level of self-care and independence for each resident with daily activities designed to provide sensory stimulation and encourage the use of skills. (Only Colorado)

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